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Lots of CO2 from Nukes

URANIUM MINE - Raw uranium ore has such a tiny % of fissionable uranium, enormous
amounts of ore must be dug up. 

AS ALWAYS CLAIMED                                                                                                                               
It has been incessantly boasted that nuclear power eliminates CO2 emissions, and that it is cleaner and safer than coal fired electricity
1. Coal does not require a Price Anderson Act as nuclear power does. Price Anderson is a federal law that exempts a nuclear utility
from all but a microscopic share of the harm that a serious accident will produce.  Nuke owners are afraid to operate without this exemption. 
If it is so safe, there is absolutely no need for this exemption. 

2. Coal does not produce nuclear weapons.  The fuel cycle for producing nuclear weapons is identical to that producing civilian power.
The only difference is that uranium ore is enriched to a higher degree for weapons than the degree for civilian power fuel. Building
nuclear weapons from a "civilian" program was the procedure of choice for several nations.

3. Coal does not create potential terrorist weapons that can used against us the way nuclear power totally undermines our national security. 
he Mitre Report (prepared for the U.S. government) recognized that nuclear plants are vulnerable and attractive targets. 
It recommended police state methods must be implemented as a safeguard.  The report went on to say that even if we had a complete
police state, there is no way to predict what the chances are for a terrorist induced catastrophe.  

4. Uranium ore has only trace amounts of fissionable uranium.  It must be enriched to make it useful as a fuel. Hundreds of billions of 
kilowatt-hours of coal fired electricity were guzzled for this, releasing CO2. Each of the many other steps in the complex fuel cycle also
consumes fossil fuel, releasing CO2.  Many efficiency losses are sustained in this exotic process. It takes energy to get energy. 

Its the net yield that counts. 

An official U.S. document admitted that for every 100 units of nuclear energy produced, at least 26 units of energy must first be consumed.
This represents a significant amount of carbon dioxide indirectly produced by nuclear power. The actual release much greater than that,
according to independent sources.  It was discovered that the net amount produced was far lower than officially
claimed and that big lies about net yield were made under oath. For details, see the book "Asleep at the Geiger Counter".

Our General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress concluded that none of our federal agencies
issued credible net energy analysis.  Obviously, dishonesty prevailed.  

In view of lies, stonewalling and wild exaggerations by the nuclear establishment, the actual production of CO
2 is probably
much more than 65 units of CO2 energy for every 100 units of nuclear energy.
This does not take into account of
how much more CO2 will be emitted to cope with the containment of nuclear waste.  Nobody knows how much more CO2 will be
released because there is no real solution to the radioactive waste problem.  

The U.S. Department of Energy sent me documents and showed me how to compute the net energy
yield of nuclear power. I noticed a serious algebraic error and a whopping omission.  When I corrected
for this, I came out with a new energy yield of less than 4%.
  The calculation and documentation for this
result are in my book, "Asleep at the Geiger Counter".  Other scientists came up with an even smaller net energy yield. 

The calculation I made is extremely simple and straight forward.  The book is available from Blue Dolphin Publishing Inc.
if you want to review it.  The calculation is so simple, it is impossible to believe that nuclear promoters are not aware
of the absurdity of their fraudulent claims.  

We need an independent audit of civilian uranium stocks using the power of subpoena.  El Sid pleaded with
government officials to do this, using the Huntington method that clearly disproved fraudulent testimony
by nuclear promoters.  A copy of this method is in my book. His pleas fell on deaf ears.  What is being hidden harms us. 
4. In addition to planned and unplanned releases of poisonous radioactivity from the nuclear plants, there is nationwide
contamination from the poisonous gases given off by uranium tailings.  My book explains and documents why this
health hazard dwarfs the harm from coal fired electricity.  

A single "event" at a nuclear plant can cause a trillion dollar disaster that will make vast areas of our nation incredibly
unhealthy. The push for more multi-billion dollar bailouts for nuclear power will worsen our political  preference
for dangerous and poisonous energy sources.  Bailouts for nukes, coal, and oil will steal more funding from cleaner, safer,
and ultimately less costly energy sources.  

Rather than improving climate change problems, nuclear power will nuke genuine solutions.

It is insane! 

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