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Fukushima Cover-up


The Fukushima nuclear plant disaster released 20 times more radioactivity than the Hiroshima atom bomb did. Given the extraordinary length of time released poisons remain deadly, these poisons will be a problem forever.

It’s not over. Releases will continue. The United States, which has already received poison from Fukushima, will get increased exposure, along with Japanese people who have already suffered terribly.  Yet, our industry still insists that a ridiculously small ten mile evacuation zone is good enough around a stricken nuke.

The total amount of exposure will be suppressed.  Immediately after the Fukishima accident, levels of allowed exposure were increased.  The same thing happened after the Three Mile Island in the United States. The allowable level of strontium 90 in milk was increased to accommodate the nuclear industry. This was documented in my book “Asleep at the Geiger Counter”.  Also, read the book “ Chernobyl – Consequencies of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”. See the page in this web site that tells you how to get the book for a very low price. As mentioned in this Chernobyl book,  some promoters of nuclear power were were so dishonest that they declared  radioactivity can have a beneficial health effect.  It is an old, repeated claim. Such claimants are no different than skunks who insist there was never a Nazi Holocaust.

Our Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is prominently guilty of cover-up.

A confidential assessment written by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission strongly indicated knowledge that Japan’s Daiichi nuclear reactors had experienced core fuel meltdown within the first few days after a devastating tsunami.  By keeping its assessment confidential, the NRC allowed the Japanese government to remain silent about the fuel meltdown.  The Japanese government failed to take adequate steps to evacuate the people surrounding Fukushima allowing them to receive high levels of radiation. Why would the NRC be involved with a Japanese plant?  Well the plant is an American plant using the General Electric Mark I containment.  

The NY Times reported (8/09/2011) that the mayor of a town near Fukushima believes “the withholding of information was akin to murder.” Many residents view denying the facts about the nuclear disaster as part of “an official campaign to play down the scope of the accident and the potential health risks.


The NRC has repeatedly betrayed the health and safety of the public to lower costs of the nuke industry it is supposed to regulate.  They have approved extending the operation of 21 American nuclear plants for 20 years longer than their design life. These 21 American plants have the same Mark 1 design that was in Fukushima.


A 1986 internal report about the shortcomings of the GE Mark 1 by Harold Denton (then top safety official at the NRC) warned that Mark 1 containments have a 90% chance of failing under accident conditions.


Along with routinely ignoring many other problems, the NRC has always approved absolutely every request by a nuke utility for extending operation 50% longer than design life. 


I was taught in engineering school that the construction code demands the use of a safety factor for design to protect against unforeseen conditions.  Radioactivity and intense heat in a nuke reactor greatly weakens its structure. The older a nuke is, the more dangerous it becomes.  By extending nuke operation 50% longer than design life, the NRC automatically replaces any safety factor, which might be there with an arrogance factor. 


As an engineer, one of the first things that struck me was how so many claims by the nuclear industry violate the most elementary principles of physics, engineering, common sense, and decency.  For example, the nuclear folks discovered a new law of physics.

In the event of a nuke disaster, even though poisons from Chernobyl and Fukushima traveled all around the world, they are satisfied with a mere ten-mile evacuation zone around a stricken nuke. In other words, they rule that the wind stops blowing after ten miles. Ridiculous! Other claims are at odds with the second law of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of energy plus other principles. Deceit on a grand scale is usual. I documented this simply in my book, “Asleep at the Geiger Counter” published by Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc. 

Some people will do anything for money. NRC stands for Nobody Really Cares.

What happened at Fukishima, or worse, can happen in the United States, in view of the extreme vulnerability of spent fuel rod pools
which are in buildings that have ordinary commercial construction.  No significant shielding.  These pools contain much more radioactivity in them than the nuclear reactors themselves.  Remember that a typical 1000 megawatt nuke attempts to safely contain more
radioactivity than a thousand Hiroshima Atoms would releace.



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