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Wind turbines installed off the coast of Denmark .
Bluewater Wind is a Babcock and Brown Co. They install wind power turbines offshore and on land. 
(further information from http://www.bluewaterwind.com)

After 20 years of practical use, wind power has proved itself to be the fastest growing energy source of all others. Wind generators have been installed on land and offshore.  Farmers enjoy leasing fees from wind turbines put on their land. It gives them an income, regardless of risky crop conditions. 

Europe is ahead of the United States in applying offshore installations.  In the United States, controversy has been blowing  in the wind for wind generators off the coast.  Complaints range from "they spoil the view", "they kill birds", "they are too noisy", and "they are bad for the fishing industry".  There is also the taunt, "What do you do when the wind stops blowing?"

El Sid is not alone in finding the latest generator designs aesthetically pleasing. Tourists go off the beaten path to view windmills in many lands. We can't please everyone though.  First of all, generators are generally so far off the coast that their appearance is unobtrusive.  Are tombstones better to look at? Is the anguish of pollution victims better to see?  Bad air inflicts death and illness.  Radioactive emissions from nuclear plants have harmed many despite nuclear industry propaganda. The first signal that nukes weren't as clean as claimed was the discovery of deformed frogs and animals near nuclear power plants that were in normal operation. Emissions from fossil fuel power plants not only release greenhouse gasses, but their emissions are poisonous. 

Existing offshore wind parks around the world have proved an attraction for tourists. It is anticipated that tour boats will run out to the wind farms on a regular basis so that people can look at the turbines close up. 

All energy sources kill birds.  Wind power kills smaller numbers of them.  The Delaware Audubon Society supports wind power.  Windows kill birds when they fly into them, breaking their necks.  No one objects to windows because of bird kills.  

The British Wind Energy Association measured the noise from  wind farms. Outside the nearest houses, which are usually more than 300 meters away, The noise level from wind farms was similar to the sound level inside a typical home with the heating system switched on, or the the sound level in an unoccupied, quiet air conditioned-office. 

Because the bases of the turbines create an artificial reef, recreational fishing within offshore wind parks should improve.  Many fishermen in New Jersey changed their minds to support the offshore wind farm they once opposed.   

The wind blows day and night.  At night, when the demand for electricity is lower, excess wind power can produce hydrogen almost cost free, by electrolyzing water. Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel imaginable.  When hydrogen burns it forms water that is pure enough to drink. Hydrogen is a clean fuel for all sorts of engines and for fuel cells. 
When I designed fuel cells at Hi-Power Corp. I learned that astronauts drink water from fuel cells on space craft.  Using the hydrogen producing opportunity, the idea for putting off shore wind power was proposed to provide New England all the power it needed.  Utilities opted for nuclear power instead.  

Nuclear engineers laughed at the hydrogen option.  "Don't you know it is dangerous because it explodes?" they jeered.   Sure it explodes.  So does gasoline.  That's what makes it useful as a fuel. There was a hydrogen explosion during the Three Mile Island
nuclear plant partial melt-down.  We were lucky that the plant had only been operating three months when the accident happened.  If the plant had been operating much longer, the explosion would have been great enough to blow the plant wide open.  That didn't
scare nuclear engineers.  But hydrogen at a windmill or a solar system (solar energy can also provide hydrogen) was terrifying to them. However, when George W. Bush suggested making hydrogen from nuclear power, well that was strictly O.K.  

So what do you do when the wind stops blowing at a wind farm or when the sun stops shining at a solar array?  Harness the clean energy provided by stored hydrogen.  The great American Southwest can supply as much hydrogen as we need using solar collectors. 

The nuclear industry wants to put us on a plutonium 
economy.  This poses hideous environmental, economic. and nuclear weapons proliferation problems. A hydrogen economy is infinitely better. 

As an engineer, I know that the best things haven't been built yet.  They won't be built unless you insist on it. Insist on it!  



Rush Limbaugh is highly paid, to insist on the worst!

The way conservative politicians worship the edicts from Rush Limbaugh is revealing.  They support his rooting for failure of our nation to
recover from years of irresponsible and stupid governance.  All during those years, Limbaugh strongly supported damaging practices. 
Blame it all on liberals was and is his battle cry.  During those years, fairness and decency was set back.  No matter how much he and his supporters try to foist the blame on liberals, liberals had less to do with our decline than conservatives who were in power and abused it.  

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy) published a paperback book that documented grotesquely false and ridiculous proclamations of Limbaugh.  The book covered Limbaugh's unfounded attacks on FAIR and detailed how Limbaugh utterly failed to document outrageous assertions.  FAIR challenged him to an in-depth public debate.  Limbaugh refused, despite boasts to the contrary. 

His "factual" reports were full of misrepresentations and distortions.  His simplistic ruling that anything stupid is "liberal" displays a lack of  integrity.  He never brings up the stupidity, hypocrisy, viciously and pure corruption of his own favorite people.  

He deflects constructive energy away from genuine solutions.  This entertains his worshippers.  When Romans fed Christians to the lions, that was also entertaining.  That did not make it right.  

Rush is a highly paid point man for the pollution wolf pack.  He insists that there is no such thing as global warming,  and concern about it is a pure hoax.  Ah yes, he called concerned folks environmental Fascists who exaggerate the state of the earth.  Of course, they are also that dirtiest of dirty names, they are LIBERALS.        

How anyone can be a Fascist and a liberal at the same time is best appreciated by his followers.  They are actually proud to be called "ditto heads".  Ditto heads have their heads up where the sun doesn't shine.  It is not only poor posture, but it is anti solar energy.  

How they can accept Limbaugh's egotistical boast that he is 97% perfectly correct in everything he says is amazing.  No human being has ever been that perfect.  To wholeheartedly accept that boast does not stop the sun from shining or its heating rays being trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Global warming, GASP!  

Ice in the Arctic has been disappearing at an alarming rate due to warming.  There are lakes of open water where there was once thick ice. Some shipping firms envision a day when they will sail cargo through the Arctic as a short cut.  Ocean levels are rising.  Wild fires have ravaged many areas due to increased dryness.  Glaciers are disappearing around the world.  Living organisms are migrating to more northern regions because newly warmed regions suit them better.  Analysis of ice cores proves that our present atmosphere has more greenhouse gases in it than the atmosphere had, thousands of years ago.  The frequency and intensity of record breaking droughts and flooding are foot prints of global warming.  Yet, a minority of scientists claim that we are heading for another ice age, not warming.  Many of them are up to their ears in conflicts of interest.  Ignoring problems and delaying solutions makes problems worse.  

Some scientists think that the former ice age was caused by a change in the axis of the earth.  Impacts by meteors may have nudged changes  in the earth's axis.  Volcanic eruptions has caused global cooling. 

It is hard to miss the effect human industrialization has on the production of greenhouse gases.  These gases not only create climate change, but they poison the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.  We can't do anything about changes of the earth's axis, volcanic eruptions, or meteor hits, but we can improve our health and economy by ridding ourselves of these poisons.  However, getting rid of these poisons is inconvenient to the polluters that Limbaugh supports.  

Unless you are a polluter, or don't want to help living beings for selfish reasons, Rush Limbaugh is not your friend.  

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